Name: Double Pulse MIG Welding machine

Model of product: COMBO315
Offical Price: base on quantity

Character of product:

  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Outstanding control of arc and weld pool
  • DSP control
  • Current and Voltage synergic
  • Low spatter


COMBO315 is full digital pulse MIG series with single pulse and double pulse feature. Due to high end DSP  control technology, it provides outstanding control of arc and weld pool and brings spatter free welding quality and high efficient productivity.


Feature and benefits:

1. Full-digital control accurately, excellent welding performance

2. Aluminum Pulse Process – Welds 4XXX (AlSi wires) and 5XXX (AlMg wires) series aluminum for superior quality welding.

3. Better arc control:  Because of the better arc control,  welder can run faster, flatten out our welds, get better control of  weld metal volume and eliminate overheating issues.

4. High welding strength,  good appearance.


5. Low spatter. less clean-up time.


6. Friendly operating interface: Friendly user interface, easy to set-up all weld modes.



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